Release Blitz + Review + Giveaway: SAFE DISTANCE by Megan Green

Safe Distance
Megan Greene
Genre: Military Romance
Release Date: June 23, 2015

Haylee Jordan is no stranger to heartbreak. Growing up, she quickly learned to fend for herself, and after a hellish night in high school, she knows the only way to keep her heart safe is to keep everybody else out.

Ryan Porter considers himself married to the military. After losing his father and brother at a young age and witnessing the subsequent downfall of his mother, Ryan has sworn off any semblance of love.

After Ryan helps Haylee out of a sticky situation, the two find themselves growing closer, but with Ryan’s impending deployment and Haylee’s trust issues, they vow to never let it become something more.

However, Ryan quickly finds himself falling for Haylee, and Haylee is unable to deny that Ryan makes her happier than she’s been in a long time. Will the two of them be able to overcome their pasts and open their hearts? Or will they always be determined to keep everyone at a safe distance?

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tina's thoughts

Safe Distance is a great debut novel from Megan Green.  This military romance introduces two characters and their circle of friends in a beautiful story of healing and love. It is written in both Haylee and Ryan’s POVs which gives the reader a bit of insight within their mindsets and reactions. There are some kinks to work out in Green’s writing style- just the flow of the writing (at times it seemed a bit staccato), but despite that one fact, I enjoyed her characters, themes, and overall book.

This story is about two broken people and the power of a friendship that becomes more. Both Haylee and Ryan have seen terrible things in their life, experiencing very different types of tragedy and loss. Their reactions to their past makes complete sense in their actions in the present. They both have very real and very different reservations in regards to relationships and that is a big factor when they get to know one another. This book is not overly dramatic, something I have come to appreciate in books. There is depth and drama but it is not overtaking the story. The emotion is real and the situations within the story would break anyone. I loved that there is a reality check of sorts. In this book you see the realities of war and the realities of abuse. There are consequences and demons that people who go through hard situations are forced to live with. Healing comes on slowly and sometimes the pain is so deep that it causes isolation.

I found that the timeline of this story was really well written. Haylee has endured so much pain in her past that there is no logical way for her to jump into anything with Ryan. Their relationship goes from friendship to something more in a natural way. The passage of time is a factor in this. So often you find insta-love and insta-lust in stories but this tale progresses in an authentic way for people who have to learn how to be together. The progression of learning Haylee’s demons is well paced as well. We understand that she has anxiety and deep rooted pain. Her character displays her past through her actions in the present and that alone lets the reader ease into her world. As the snippets fall into place it seems like the whole history allows for more emotion to evolve. So often we are thrust into someone’s pain but Megan allows the reader to see her in the present and connect in an emotional way before learning her past. It adds more to the struggle and an authenticity to her past pain.

Overall I would say this book is a good debut novel. I love reading new authors and experiencing their books as they grow and develop in their writing. I am excited to see Megan’s future work and how she matures into her obvious talent!


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about the author

Megan lives in northern Utah with her husband, Adam, and incredibly spoiled dog, Tucker. She spends far too much time reading anything and everything she can get her hands on. Safe Distance is her debut novel.


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