(book)Review: A BRIT UNEXPECTED (Castle Calder #2) by Brenda St. John Brown

A Brit Unexpected
Castle Calder #2
Brenda St. John Brown
Publication Date: April 10, 2017

How do you know when a fake relationship turns into a real one? #AskingForAFriend 

Claire is not:
– A natural athlete
– Very good with mornings
– Greyson Vaughn’s real girlfriend

But she pretends to be his girlfriend on television. And Twitter. And the gossip websites that question Every. Single. Thing. about his movie star existence. Including the question on everyone’s lips — #WhosThatGirl?

Enlisted by her grandmother to act as Greyson’s “mysterious English girlfriend” during a weekend at Castle Calder, Claire agrees to help the Hollywood hottie combat rumors of stalking his pop-star ex. She needs a distraction — from grad school, bills and her dull-as-dishwater love life — and, well, it’s only for a weekend.

Until Greyson asks her to continue the ruse through his upcoming London premiere. And another trip to Castle Calder for a sexy weekend escape. Where there are no cameras and no reporters. Nothing but the two of them and a “fake” relationship that’s starting to feel very, very real.

There is something about a modern day fairytale like love story that makes me swoon. Take a Hollywood heartthrob and an everyday girl, put them together in a humorous and passionate love story, and I am hooked. Brenda St. John Brown has yet another brilliant book in her Castle Calder series. This story has everything we love about new adult romantic stories. There is a man and a woman, two people finding themselves, who fall in love along the way.

A Brit Unexpected feels like a glimpse into the beginning of a happily ever after. In the real world of Hollywood romances, there are ups and downs that make it hard. This book explores the raw uncertainty and hesitation two people can have in a new relationship. There is second guessing and frustration but the good times seem to outweigh the bad. These two click, allowing each other a safe place to see life in a fresh way. I love their chemistry and banter, something that livens their story.

I appreciated how Brown takes this love story and creates a book that is fresh with a hint of vulnerability. She creates and environment for her two leads to find love and a safe place from the chaos of life. Nothing is perfect but it gives the reader hope that there are many more good times to come. Claire is a female lead that people will relate to; a woman that is both confident and wounded from what she has been through. Her fears and hesitation allows her authenticity to relate to the reader, giving this book an edge. Greyson adds a sense of appeal that draws you in and once he reveals a softer, real side, you want what is best for him; and that is Claire.

This book is a wonderful combination of fairytale and hopeful realism. There is a constant tug and pull between both sides until these two find a place that is comfortable to be in. I am excited for more of the Castle Calder series and hope to see much more of these two in the future! I need more of their story and happily ever after.

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