(book)Review: PROTECTOR (Night War Saga #1) by Leia Stone and S.T. Bende

Night War Saga #1
Leia Stone & S.T. Bende
Publication Date: April 25, 2017

Love. Honor. Protect.

As an Environmental Studies major, Allie knows the planet is in trouble – a series of natural disasters recently rocked the northern hemisphere, and species across the globe are going extinct. What Allie doesn’t know is that her world’s decline is a casualty of an ancient battle called the Night War – the Norse goddess Nott’s crusade to control the weakest of the light realms. And Allie most definitely doesn’t know that her existence is the only thing stopping Nott from dragging the earth into total darkness.

When four gorgeous guys show up claiming to be Allie’s Asgardian protectors, she thinks they’re delusional. And when they order her to hunt down the pieces of an immortal weapon, she’s convinced they’re insane. But when Allie’s attacked, the guys’ crazy stories of demigods and dark elves begin coming together. And Allie’s not sure what scares her more – losing her life to the Goddess of Night . . . or losing her heart to one of her protectors.

Let the hunt begin.

Back in the Asgardian realm is so good for my soul! I love the world that Bende has created in so many different stories and the continuation in this new series, paired with a new flair from Stone, creates a world I love to escape into. I am excited that this book is the beginning to a new series, introducing a new series of characters that cross paths with those I already know and love. Allie is such a fun female heroine. Her journey throughout this book is relatable and exciting to watch. The transformation from the first page to the last is one that the reader can get behind and cheer on. Add to Allie’s journey a group of protectors who are fun, flirty, and strong, and you have a winning combination. 

I love how this story weaves through the ones Bende has shared before. Learning more about the Asgardian realm, specifically the healers and the different deities and prophecies, expands this world greatly. Allie and Tore’s chemistry is smoldering and feisty. I loved watching these two circle each other and fall hard. The subtle love story fused with the dangerous adventure of fulfilling the prophecy and saving the world gives the reader a story that will keep you hooked till the very end. I cannot wait to read more of the Night War Saga and see what comes next for Allie, Tore, and the protectors. 

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