(book)Review: DEFENDER (Night War Saga #2) by ST Bende & Leia Stone

Night War Saga #2
ST Bende & Leia Stone

Allie Rydell left her life behind to protect the world from the Goddess of Night. But after weeks of training, hunting, and learning to use the life-giving power that inexplicably chose her, saving Midgard seems more impossible than ever. Nott’s followers have eyes across the realms, and they’re determined to collect the bounty on Allie’s soul. And the closer Allie and her protectors get to the pieces of the immortal weapon that could save them all, the more destruction Nott manages to unleash—not only on the world Allie loves, but on the friends she’d give her life to save.

Darkness is coming. And this time, it won’t leave any survivors.

We are back to the adventure in the second installment of the Night War Saga! It is incredible how you can read this book, one pinned by two authors, and their voices come together in a unique and fresh way, creating something you will want to devour. They blend their writing styles so well that you would think it was one person if they didn’t list two. This series is so much fun. The characters, the setting, the supernatural universe…. You can’t beat it.

Allie is a brilliant heroine. I think, for me, she is one of the reasons I adore this series. In this book, we see her grow even more into who she was meant to be. Her personality grows even more (if that is even possible) and she becomes a character to admire. Her snark is on point and her fears are totally relatable. I feel like any “human” who suddenly came into supernatural powers would be struggling just like her. But she does it with humor, determination, and heart. Add into the journey her band of protectors and this story is full of humor, fight, and comraderie. Allie and Tore’s relationship is sweet and full of want. These two push and pull. Their relationship is well paced in this book and so REAL. There is not much time to snuggle when you are trying to save the world, and the authors acknowledge that without forcing anything. They sneak in moments together and that is something that makes the story better! 

I enjoyed exploring new realms with Allie and seeing the new experiences through her eyes and each one is as fascinating as the last. Things moves fast, never stopping for too long, and it adds to the adventure of the story. As you read the story plays out like a movie, transporting the reader from one exciting dimension to the next. In the first book of the series we meet everyone, learning their strengths and weaknesses. In this second book, people begin to settle into their role and the story launches forward. Some intense confrontations happen in this book and new storylines are developed, leaving the reader curious and excited for more. My only complaint about this book is that it ended too soon. I cannot wait to read more and follow Allie and her band of protectors into the unknown.

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