(book)Review: REDEEMER (Night War Saga #3) by ST Bende & Leia Stone

Night War Saga #3
ST Bende and Leia Stone
Publication Date: October 1, 2017

Hunt down the weapon pieces, destroy the night goddess, protect Midgard (Earth). That was always the mission . . .

When an unexpected sacrifice turns Allie’s world on its head, she discovers her true function within the Asgardian world. Her new purpose has much higher stakes—and significantly bigger dangers—than she ever could have imagined. And as the Goddess of Night unleashes an unparalleled wave of fury across the realms, Allie’s dream of a peaceful future with her favorite protector all but disappears. Nott’s determined to control Midgard. But Allie has more to fight for than ever before, and she’s determined to end the Night War . . . no matter what it costs her.

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It is the bittersweet end. Bende and Stone did a brilliant job with the Night War Saga series, bringing everything full circle and giving the reader a deep sense of finality. Redeemer is the best yet in the series, but I would take a gander to say that is because it has two great books before to suck you in and develop a breathtaking world and life or death situation that leaves you starving for more. 

When Defender, the second in the series, ended, I was shocked, as I am sure most readers were. The sense of closure for the second book was ripped away and a whole new set of questions and problems was revealed. Lucky for us, this third installment starts right where the second ended, giving us the exact moment to jump right back in and wonder what in the world would happen next. As with the entire series, I adore Allie. Any young woman thrust into the situations she faced would be just as terrified and doubtful, yet Allie takes it in stride and allows herself to freak out and then keeps going. I loved that her emotions ring true for what someone would feel in the situation. She was not raised a warrior and her hesitancy and emotions allow the reader to better connect with her. Her humor and internal dialogue are some of my favorite parts in the series. I appreciated that Allie stayed true to herself in the end, even when it would have been much easier and understandable to take a different path. 

Redeemer takes the reader on a world jumping adventure. We go to so many different places and experience so many different things. This book was fast paced and that pace sets the tone of urgency. Allie, her protectors, and the many other characters that have become vital to the story experience love, loss, and war in this book. There is so much happening and it all wraps up brilliantly. The pace, humor, and true grit of this book makes it my favorite in the series. Situations and decisions are hard and this group bands together to do whatever it takes to save the worlds they know and love. I am sad to see Allie and her protectors go, but this trilogy is complete, leaving me with a sense of satisfaction and fondness! 


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