Blog Tour + Review + Excerpt: DAWN (Hero Society #1) by Jessica Florence

If you are looking for a romance that is unique and fresh, try this one out. Dawn is a fantastic start to the Hero Society series by Jessica Florence and I cannot wait to see what comes next in this fight between good and evil!

Hero Society #1
Jessica Florence
Genre: superhero romance series
Release Date: October 17, 2017

Dawn has come, a time for heroes to rise.

Draco has lived long and felt the pain of loss more than anyone in one lifetime could imagine. Immortality was given to him as a gift, a gift that failed him and turned him into a shell of the man that has nothing left but to wait out the end of existence alone.

Until her.

Rose is an empath who sees more than who Draco is supposed to be: she sees him, and what they could be.

Together, they will begin the search for others with extraordinary powers, to stop a war that’s been brewing for over a millennia.

The journey is only beginning, and an unnamed enemy has started to make his mark on their world.

The dawn of heroes has finally arrived.

Only time will tell if it’s too late to defeat the upcoming darkness of night that now descends upon all of mankind.

You can grab your copy of this new release today from the retailers listed below! This new release is a refreshing romance that will leave you satisfied and wanting more! Don’t miss out.

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I love superhero stories! I get so excited when someone is up against what seems to be insurmountable odds and they fight till the end. So take that love and add it to a contemporary romance and we have a winner. Dawn is a brilliant start to the Hero Society series by Jessica Florence. The world she created is real with a hint of something that could be lurking next door. I enjoyed the blending of the world we know with the rise of an evil and those who stand to fight against that evil. 

Dawn sets the reader up for a series that is sure to be full of action and danger. Draco is a brilliant main character. He is a mystery that I loved getting to unravel piece by piece. Everything about him, from his brooding disposition to his pain and past, creates a larger than life character that is still tangible and relatable. Rose is a walking contradiction; a woman who is gentle and sweet with the heart of a warrior. Phillip is still a partial unknown, but his love for his sister Rose, and his determination to protect mankind, makes him a character I cannot wait to know more about. 

Overall this story is fast paced and intriguing. I enjoyed the super hero element and the budding romance between Draco and Rose. I felt like the romance was all a bit rushed but still appreciated their commitment to each other. The hot scenes between these two felt a little out of place for me as I was reading, but it was not something that turned me away. I am so excited for this series and cannot wait to see who is brought into the society next and what the villain, Raven, has in store for mankind. Florence did a great job of establishing this realm in the first book and I am ready to see where it all goes from here. 



And curiosity again.

I woke up thinking of those strange feelings that were stirring inside my brain and feeling like I’d been invaded. I wasn’t curious about anything; I was trying to sleep.

Then I realized those feelings weren’t my own. My eyes flew open, and I looked back toward the now-opened door of the coop. A man was crouched down, staring at me.

“Good morning,” he said dryly. Obviously he was not very happy to have found someone sleeping with his chickens, but he wasn’t angry about it.

“Sorry, I got lost in the woods, and decided this was the safer bet to crash in during the storm.” The words just flew out of my mouth in defense.

He tilted his head to the side in amusement. I wasn’t finding this whole situation very funny. My neck was starting to ache from the weird position I’d slept in, and I really wanted to get out and stretch my legs.  But he was still there in the doorway, watching me.


Right. Well, I was over his curiosity. Time to get out of here.

“Excuse me.” I crawled out of the coop, scooching past him. He didn’t grab me, and I hadn’t felt anything malevolent from him, even when my foot lightly bumped into his as I passed.

My muscles weren’t very happy with me as I stood up and stretched. I moaned at the soreness then realized I was in the presence of a stranger.


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