(book) Review: MIDNIGHT LABYRINTH (Elemental Legacy #1) by Elizabeth Hunter

Midnight Labyrinth
Elemental Legacy #1
Elizabeth Hunter
Publication Date: November 7, 2017

He’s one human caught in a tangled maze of theft, politics, magic, and blood. In other words, it’s just another night.
Benjamin Vecchio escaped a chaotic childhood and grew to adulthood under the protection and training of one of the Elemental world’s most feared vampire assassins. He’s traveled the world and battled immortal enemies.

But everyone has to go home sometime.

New York means new opportunities and allies for Ben and his vampire partner, Tenzin. It also means new politics and new threats. Their antiquities business is taking off, and their client list is growing. When Ben is challenged to find a painting lost since the second world war, he jumps at the chance. This job will keep him closer to home, but it might just land him in hot water with the insular clan of earth vampires who run Manhattan.

Tenzin knew the painting would be trouble before she laid eyes on it, but she can’t deny the challenge intrigues her. Human laws mean little to a vampire with a few millennia behind her, and Tenzin misses the rush of taking what isn’t hers.

But nothing is more dangerous than a human with half the story, and Ben and Tenzin might end up risking their reputations and their lives before they escape the Midnight Labyrinth.

MIDNIGHT LABYRINTH is the first book in an all new contemporary fantasy series by Elizabeth Hunter, author of the Elemental Mysteries and the Irin Chronicles.

You can grab your copy of this humorous, high action paranormal today! Do not miss MIDNIGHT LABYRINTH, Ben and Tenizen’s next advetnure!

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Ah. Ben and Tenizen. I always think that the last Elizabeth Hunter book I read is my favorite, at least until the next one comes along. Her stories and characters never cease to hook me deep and take me on a crazy adventure. The stories that feature Ben and Tenizen are some of my favorites. They are a brilliant blend of history, coupled with unstable paranormal life and politics, all wrapped in an adventure worthy of an epic Indiana Jones montage. Midnight Labyrinth is no different. As you read, you delve deep into a new social structure of paranormal life in New York. As if that city isn’t already exciting enough, you add a new layer of danger that is complicated to say the least. Allies are not yet solidified and new friendship seemed strained, all building to a story that can flip on a dime at any given moment. Hunter does a brilliant job of weaving the headstrong tendencies of Ben and the unpredictable nature of Tenizen in a new realm. Two well developed characters are cemented even more into who they are and how they partner together. It is so interesting to watch Tenizen live her life and the choices she makes and plans to make. Ben has a natural tendency to draw attention and it is brilliant to watch his brain work through the challenges ahead of him. Their lust for adventure and collecting adds so much to this book. I loved the art and history that is threaded through stories we have heard before. Seeing a paranormal twist on those histories gives this book an edge. Needless to say, I am waiting on pins and needles, wondering what their next adventure entails and when the other shoe will drop. There are so many “what ifs” that are unspoken between these two and I am ready to see what Hunter has in store! 

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