#NewRelease + Review: TO CHERISH (To Have #3) by M.L. Pennock

Tommy Stratford is coming. Are you ready?

In her next installment of the To Have series, author M.L. Pennock takes us back to where it all began — a small Western New York community nestled along the Erie Canal where what might be ordinary to some, is extraordinary to others. Follow Tommy Stratford, the man who can’t seem to find and keep a woman as more than just a friend, as he heals his heart in Pennock’s third book, TO CHERISH.

To Cherish
To Have #3
M.L. Pennock
Release Date: February 13, 2018

Jacelyn Crocker is new in town, or so a handful of people in the small community of Brockport, NY, think she is. A decade ago, Jacey uprooted herself and headed west to the California coast where she attended art school and built a life surrounded by people she thought she could rely on. Rarely coming home, she lost touch more and more with the one person she could call her best friend, Sutton. When Jacey’s brother needs help with the family business, she comes back — only to find her friend has moved, leaving behind a web of lies and shattered hearts.

Tommy Stratford is a family man. Loyal, determined, and a hopeless romantic, he took a leap of faith when he was told he was going to build a family of his own. Jumping into the unknown was nothing new for him. But everything changed when Tommy’s dream became more of a nightmare — one that connects him with Jacey in ways they didn’t realize.

Forging a friendship, Jacey and Tommy find they can be whole without the person they thought completed each of them. Friendships are tricky, though, and there are a lot of grey areas. Judgments get clouded when intimacy is added to the equation, and they find themselves asking, “Is friendship enough?”

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Oh Tommy… This book gets you good, adding another great story to Pennock’s To Have Series. At first I was struggling to keep up with what was happening. I should have refreshed my memory and read the end of To Hold to remind myself on the what happened, specifically where Tommy found himself in the end. I struggled with the first few chapters going back and forth from so many different POVs and jumping in time. But once I wrapped my head around everything that was happening and had happened by around chapter 4, I was ready to and so very curious about all the lies, hurt, and drama that would unfold.

One thing I loved about the To Have series is that it is all about family. This group of people you meet in this series is so tight, creating a community and safe place that allows the story to have a brilliant backdrop and secondary characters. To Cherish is no exception. You get to see what is happening to the crowd favorites from past books in the series and see a continual glimpse into their HEA in a day to day way. Tommy has been a part of the series for a while and having the spotlight turn on him is brilliant, in a messy and adorable way.

Tommy and Jace are so good for each other, if only they can look past their fear and hurt long enough to see it. Their chemistry is obvious but things hold them back from what is right in front of them. These two had valid reasons to run and hide but those reasons are what create an angst that is believable. The ebb and flow of their relationship hits all the high marks. They start as friends, true friends. They talk about what is happening in life, a fixture in each others day to day lives, and an attraction naturally grows on both sides. The hesitancy is something you understand as you read and the more you learn, the more you root for them. A few things in the story threw me for a loop but overall, the story sticks to the series’ standard: a heartfelt story in which two people overcome the hurt and heartache of life to fight for what they want and can no longer deny they need. Do yourself a favor and grab this series. Pennock’s stories are timeless and not to be missed!


Miranda L. Pennock (M.L. Pennock) was born and raised in Western New York where she spent most of her youth barefoot and in a bathing suit, often collecting toads or worms and finding trouble wherever she could.

After high school, she attended Alfred University – entering as a biology/pre-veterinary medicine major but switched majors before the first day of classes her freshman year because she can’t ever make things easy. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in English and communication studies from AU and decided she loved college so much she went on to earn her Master of Arts in communications from SUNY College at Brockport.

After a handful of years working as a reporter and editor in the newspaper industry, Miranda left the news world to be a stay at home mom. All that time momming has fed her need for finding creative outlets other than coming up with new cuss words for when the kids use Sharpie on the walls or feed their lunch to the dog. So she became an author … but prefers to be called a writer because “author” sounds so scary and formal.

Miranda and her husband live in Central New York with their two daughters and a crazy black lab who likes to chase the neighbors chickens (but she’s afraid of the turkeys).

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